What to see in the Czech Republic, except Prague. Telč

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If you are not visiting the Czech Republic for the first time, or if you want to get to know the country more closely, be sure to visit places other than Prague – many Czech cities are no less interesting than the capital, and each of them has its own unique charm.
Telč is a tiny (with a population of about 5,500), but at the same time a unique and incredibly beautiful city in the Czech Republic.

Telč has the status of a museum and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The historic center of the city is surrounded on two sides by reservoirs, and on the third – by a canal, and for the abundance of water around Telč, it is called the Moravian Venice (Moravia is the eastern region of the country).

Telč is located in the very center of the Czech Republic, on the border of Bohemia and Moravia, and is spoken of only in superlatives: fabulous, charming, unique. There is not the slightest exaggeration in these epithets! Telč is 900 years old and is the first Czech city to be included in the World Heritage List. The historical appearance of the city is shaped in the style of the Italian Renaissance. There is not a single modern building in the center that stands out from the general ensemble of gingerbread-colored houses – an absolute immersion in a fairy tale!

Every year Telč is visited by almost 350 thousand tourists, mainly in the framework of tours to the places of UNESCO. Naturally, National Geographic magazine included Telč in the top 25 best travel destinations in 2020.

Locals consider their main square, Zacharias of Hradec, to be the most beautiful in the Czech Republic, and in some ways, they are certainly right – here are medieval buildings with impressive facades, the city hall, carved stone fountains and the Marian (plague) pillar. Also in the city there is a Telč castle, a park, a church, fragments of the fortress wall – in general, the sights are quite typical for the Czech Republic, but all together they create a very pleasant impression. Still, UNESCO does not add everything to its list.

The tourist problem of Telč is that visitors do not stay here. Tourists come for a day, admire the central square – the most beautiful part of the city, go to the castle, lie on shady lawns next to numerous ponds, and gather on the way back. The task of the mayor’s office is to do so as to detain tourists here, at least for one more day, you see, the city would have a full-fledged hotel and service infrastructure.

How else can Telč attract guests? Perhaps, with its cinematic fame, because about 60 documentary, historical and fairy-tale films have already been shot here. It is possible that your appearance here may lead you to the set. No wonder – Telč is not just a big decoration, it is a portal to the wonderful world of beautiful princesses and brave knights!

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