Weekend in Istanbul

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One of the largest cities in Turkey, Istanbul, is becoming more and more popular among tourists. And this is not surprising, because the rest in this city has several significant advantages. The presence of the sea, delicious food, and at the same time, the absence of the need to apply for a visa and take a long flight make Istanbul a great place to spend a weekend and explore the East. Some, not without reason, note that either you begin to hate this city, wanting to leave it right away, or you fall in love with it with all your heart.

This is not surprising, because getting here, the first impression is that this city is crazy, its streets are so restless and noisy.

But still, despite this, a vacation in Istanbul is a great option for spending the weekend: you don’t need a visa, the flight is short, and there is a large selection of hotels for different tastes and possibilities. There are no problems with public transport. Buses, trams, metro are at your service.

An outstanding landmark of the city is Sultanahmet Square, where the famous mosques are located: the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Further behind the square is the Gulhane Park and the main palace of the Ottoman Empire, Topkapi. Behind the park is an oasis of several teahouses where you can relax and admire the beautiful views of the Sea of ​​Marmara.

If you go down to the Eminenu pier, you can enjoy a wonderful view of another attraction – the Suleymaniye Mosque, which is considered the most beautiful in the city. This mosque was built by the great architect Sinan. She personifies the greatness of Suleiman, who is buried here, along with his beloved woman and daughter. Be sure to visit the unique Egyptian Bazaar, where you can buy souvenirs, taste local food, and just feel the unusual atmosphere. This bazaar resembles a whole city with special rules, castes of people and relationships. Istanbul does not sleep at night. On the contrary, an even more turbulent and cheerful life awakens here. Immerse yourself in it as you cross the Galata Bridge to Taksim Square.

Crazy holiday, bars and cafes, a huge number of people will not leave you indifferent. And in the morning, in order to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is recommended to visit the Princes’ Islands. You can get there by boats that depart every hour from the Kabatash pier. The best way to get off is on the island of Buyukade. It offers a wonderful view of the Marmara Sea. You can have a small picnic or just eat ice cream.

If you are traveling with children, be sure to visit the Rahmi Koç Museum. By the way, there is also a lot of interesting things for adults: old trains and airplanes, trams and cars, you can climb everywhere and touch everything. In general, it depends only on you whether you love Istanbul or avoid it, but, in any case, this place is worth a visit. Have a nice trip!

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