Hague. January tale

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The Hague is the royal capital of the Netherlands. The city is located near Amsterdam. However, unlike the main city of the country, it is very quiet and calm here, there is no endless flow of tourists, but there is some kind of indescribable atmosphere. It is not without reason that the Hague has been the seat of the local monarch for many years.

The Hague is a great city to visit in January. Dutch winters are quite mild.

In January, there is usually from +1 to +7. However, do not forget that the city is located on the sea, which means you should beware of cold winds coming from the North Sea and high humidity. In January it sometimes snows, more often it rains.

At the same time, the weather, like in summer, can change every half hour: the warm sun is replaced by pouring rain, then it suddenly snows, and then again, as if nothing had happened, the sun shines. The Dutch love bicycles, and everyone knows that. Even the fiercest weather will not be able to make a real Dutchman leave his bike at home. The Hague, like other cities in the Netherlands, is literally lined with bike paths with special traffic lights, intersections and junctions. Sometimes you can even get caught in a small traffic jam from bicycles.

Local utilities are always at their best, so even if you’ve cycled out in snow or rain, don’t worry: bike paths are the pride of The Hague, and they will be clean and tidy in any weather. If you are in The Hague in January and you have some free time, be sure to rent a bike and go to the sea, in the suburb of Scheveningen. It is about 15-20 minutes drive from the central part of The Hague. There you will find many cozy fish restaurants, you can admire the harsh North Sea, and there is also a huge skating rink there all winter, especially for those who cannot imagine a real winter without ice and snow. The Hague is a city-park: even the tram rails here are laid on green lawns.

In winter, there is, of course, less greenery than in summer, but Dutch parks are unlikely to leave you indifferent, and right at the central station of The Hague you can see real deer peacefully eating grass on the lawn. Be sure to take a walk through the old town, walk through the royal palace. Browse local shops, taste local cheese, breathe in the aroma of Dutch coffee shops. If you get cold, you can warm yourself up with the mulled wine, which street vendors always offer in winter, or head to one of the dozens of museums in the city.

Don’t delay your trip! Maybe this particular city, to which you want to return again and again, can become your second home.

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