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Travel to Iceland – the city of Isafjordur

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Iceland attracts tourists with its fabulous sights. The country of ice, geysers and glaciers beckons with its extreme. Once in Iceland, you understand what a fairy tale is. Fancy houses, meadows in the middle of ice, hot natural pools, lakes with icy water and good-natured inhabitants – that’s what awaits you in Iceland. The coastal waters of the country are rich in fish, it is not surprising that almost half of the country’s inhabitants are employed in the fishing industry.

The center of the fishing industry is the town of Isafjordur, located in the north-west of the country. This is not just a quiet fishing corner, but a cozy and tidy city with many cultural centers. It is also considered the educational and cultural center of the country. The city has a very well-developed tourism industry. At the service of tourists and guests of the city there are hotels, mini-hotels and quiet boarding houses that offer their services at quite reasonable prices.

The city of Isafjordur begins its history in 920, when the first settlement appeared on the current territory of the city. The city was inhabited at different times by Norwegians, Englishmen, Germans, and this did not pass without a trace for the city. Erecting buildings and structures, they introduced their own style, mixed with local images. Some buildings have survived to the present day. The city is built on gravel and extends to the border of Skutulsfjordur.

Many consider Iceland to be a country covered with ice, but the locals have learned to use the gift of nature – geysers and geothermal springs for their own purposes. The town of Isafjordur is very picturesque, thanks to its convenient location in a quiet place. Surrounded by the calm waters of the fjords and majestic cliffs, the city is surrounded by greenery. The city center has preserved the wooden buildings of the eighteenth century, which have not changed much since then.

After visiting the town of Isafjordur, you can go fishing in the coastal waters. In addition to fishing, excursions on pleasure boats are organized. From the deck of the boat you can enjoy the beauty of the coastal fjords, sailing a little further, you can watch whales and killer whales, who are very fond of the coastal waters of Iceland.

Once in Iceland, it is impossible not to swim in a natural geothermal pool. All pools are equipped with convenient descents, the average water temperature is about 38C. Enjoy the natural spa, many pools in addition to hot mineral water will offer you their therapeutic mud.

Iceland is a country of volcanoes, and almost every city has its own volcano. Going from Isafjordur to the volcano, you will be able to walk through the frozen lava, and see firsthand what a huge force they have.Iceland is waiting for you at any time of the year, but most tourists visit the country in summer and in the first autumn months. This is also due to the fact that most go on vacation in the summer.

Once in Isafjordur, try fish dishes at local restaurants. This is not the fish we are used to. Only here you can taste the exotic: a whale soaked in milk. In addition, the local halibut and catfish, cooked according to special local recipes, will not leave you indifferent.

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