Moomin Country in Naantali, Finland

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Moomins are the most famous and beloved Finnish characters, who are second only to Santa Claus in their popularity, and even then it is unlikely.

Charming Moomins, similar to white hippos, are the heroes of books written in the 1940s by Tove Jansson, a Finnish writer and artist beloved by many. The initial success of comics and books has grown into a phenomenon of universal scale, covering a variety of genres – puppet animation, theatrical performances and Japanese anime.

Today, Moomins are an integral element of Finnish identity and a source of inspiration for more and more new generations. The Finnish airline Finnair has chosen Moomins for products and services aimed at travelers with families.

Tampere is home to the world’s only Moomin Museum. Themed Moomin cafes are opening all over Finland, and there are very few Finnish families where there is not at least one mug with moomins produced by the famous Finnish company Arabia.

The country of the Moomins is located in Naantali, in the south-west of Finland near Turku. In this park, children from all over the world can meet the heroes of popular books by Tove Jansson.

The British Independent Newspaper included the “Land of Moomins” in Naantali in the list of the 10 best children’s theme parks in the world in 2005. In addition, the “Country of the Moomins ” was chosen by the Guild of Finnish Journalists writing about tourism as the best tourist destination of the year.

Here you will meet the living heroes of well-known books and see many of the places that you have read about in fairy tales about Moomins. Visit the blue Moomin house-climb up to the Moomin attic, go down to the Moomin basement, where the jam is stored. And nearby you will find a Hemulen’s house and Moominpappa’s boat. Be sure to visit the fun performance of the Emma Summer Theater. And if you meet Moomintroll playing hide-and-seek with Sniff and Baby Mu, join them without hesitation – everyone will have a lot of fun here!

Moomin buses leave from Turku hotels to Naantali every 15-20 minutes. By car, you can get to Naantali along the E18 highway, then at the entrance to the city, follow the signs Muumilaakso to the Moomin Park parking lot. A free bus departs from the parking lot to Moomin Park every 15 minutes, and fun free trailers run from the bus to the island. It is difficult to find a parking lot in Naantali itself with its narrow streets.

You can have a snack on the island in numerous cafes and kiosks, eat thoroughly in the restaurant Moominmamma’s Kitchen. There is a souvenir shop and a post office in the park, from which you can send a postcard with a Moomin stamp and a Moomin stamp to friends.

Performances of the Moomin-troll theater, which the children really like, are included in the ticket price. In their free time from performances, the heroes of the book Moomintroll, Moominmamma, Moominpappa, the Snork Maiden, Snufkin, baby Mu and others walk around the park, arrange small scenes and communicate with children.

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