Interesting facts about Dubai

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If you haven’t been to the United Arab Emirates yet, get ready to be amazed and admired. Believe me, this country is capable of capturing the imagination of any person. The United Arab Emirates is a true fairy tale, a mixture of A Thousand and One Nights and a science fiction novel. Here oriental luxury and the most advanced technogenic fantasies harmoniously coexist. It manifests itself in everything: architecture, interiors, clothing, gastronomy. Staying true to their religious and secular traditions, the inhabitants of this country respect and take interest in other people’s traditions and achievements.

A young (by historical standards) state with enviable energy embodies the wildest dreams of a modern man spoiled by comfort. In just 30 years of existence, this country has learned to be interesting to millions of people who visit it every year. Money from oil and trade is spent here so that everyone, especially a tourist, can take advantage of the results. Here they constantly buy something and build something, or rather – they are erecting so that the tourist has something to ride, where to live, what to see and where to relax.

Arriving in Dubai, you must go through an unusual identification procedure at the airport – a retinal scan. This is done in order to avoid illegal entry into the country of citizens who were previously deported from the Emirates and want to return here with a new passport. A visa to Dubai is a prerequisite for entering the country.

Women’s days at the beach. Despite the hospitality of the locals, they experience some discomfort from tourists. In particular, local women, who constantly wear closed clothes, experience inconvenience when relaxing on the beach in the company of half-naked foreigners, however, as well as local men. It is for Arab women on the beaches that there are special days (for example, for Al Mamzar beach it is Monday), on which men are not allowed to enter the beach.

Tourist visa to the UAE is not a problem. The procedure for its registration is quite simple. However, if your passport contains an Israeli visa, then access to the Emirates is closed for you.

Often, buildings here do not have the usual address for us, and instead of numbers, each of them is assigned its own name.

Camel racing is a national sport in the UAE. For these races, special fast-footed camels are raised. During the race, their owners follow their wards by car, encouraging them in every possible way. The cost of a racehorse camel is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the prize fund can go up to a million.

The Emirates is a desert with almost no vegetation on its sandy soil. All palm trees and oases that delight us with their beauty are artificially planted here. And the cost of one palm tree is about 10 thousand dollars.

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