French Provence

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Provence is associated with famous artists. Why is it so attracting to masters from all over the world?

In almost every village you can find an artist’s house or an apartment converted into a creative workshop. Provence is diverse – at every step there are fields with vineyards, wine castles, lavender expanses and hills overgrown with cypresses and cedars. A tourist who loves nature will not remain indifferent to Provence. At every entrance to the city there will definitely be plane trees or as they are also called – shameless. What the city of Avignon is worth.

Beloved city of lovers. How wonderful it is to walk along the narrow cobbled streets, which smell of antiquity, sit in a cozy cafe that has not been closed for many years and explore the ancient castles. Everyone knows Avignon as the center of the Catholic world, where the residence of popes was once located. Avignon is home to the Papal Palace, the largest preserved medieval palace in Europe. Despite its cultural heritage, the city has become famous for its annual international contemporary theater festival. The city celebrates the festival for about a month. Theater troupes, musicians and dancers come here.

During this period, Avignon welcomes guests and pleases tourists. The southern port town of Marseille is the second largest city and the largest port in France. Since Marseille is located on the coast, it has many good beaches, as well as beaches for windsurfing enthusiasts. The hilly terrain of the city forced residents to erect buildings in a chaotic manner, resulting in narrow streets, cozy squares and, of course, huge villas of rich people.

For seafood lovers, it will be interesting to visit the seaport and its market, where you can find crabs, oysters, lobsters and many other delicacies. The ancient city of Orange will surprise you with its architecture and preserved Roman buildings from the reign of Augustus. Orange is the memory of Rome. In this amazing town, an ancient theater has been preserved to this day, the stage of which has been preserved in the same form as when it was originally built. Also in the city is one of the most beautiful Roman arches, which towers over the road from Arles to Lyon. And from the hill called Saint-Etrop, you can observe all the majestic beauty from a bird’s-eye view.

A very mysterious town called Fontaine de Vaucluse, which is also located in the Provence region, will surely interest all tourists. Its name comes from a natural fountain that gushes out of the rock.

In spring, the Sorg riverbed overflows the grotto and gives pressure to the water. Many researchers have tried to find this very channel, but all attempts were in vain, it is as enchanted and hidden deep underground. Jacques-Yves Cousteau was one of these researchers. What is most interesting is that the water that comes out of the rock for some reason acquires a magical green color. The city has always attracted nature lovers.

The French district of Provence is very interesting to visit at any time of the year. Each town is unique in its own way. Every building in the city tells about the most interesting history, which tourists from all over the world come for.

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