Holidays on Koh Samui

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Koh Samui is one of the most popular islands in Thailand, second only to the more “promoted” Phuket. Despite its small size (length – 25 kilometers), it has absorbed all the beauty and variety of Thai resorts. It has everything: white beaches, picturesque lagoons, tropical jungles, coconut plantations, stunning waterfalls and mysterious caves.

Surprisingly, until the end of the 70s, tourists did not even know about its existence. There were no hotels, no entertainment, or even normal roads on the island, and the life of the islanders remained the same as it was centuries ago. That all changed with the beginning of the tourist boom in Thailand. The first foreigners who visited Koh Samui appreciated the cozy beaches and amazing nature, which has been preserved in its original form over the years of “isolation”. Usually people get to Koh Samui from Bangkok. The easiest way is to fly in an hour and a half by plane.

The bus trip takes almost 14 hours, including a short ferry trip. And if you go from the capital by train, you will have to make three changes at once, which is not very convenient. Numerous taxis run around the island – fast but expensive.

Therefore, tourists often rent cars, scooters and bicycles. Before signing an agreement with the agency, check the serviceability of the equipment, inspect it for dents and scratches, or better – take a photo. This will prevent possible misunderstandings. The beaches are the main asset of Koh Samui. The best of them are located on the east coast, where clean soft sand and developed infrastructure. It is here that Chaweng Beach, the longest on the island, is located. There are various hotels and bungalows along its entire length, and dozens of discos and nightclubs open in the late afternoon. To the south is Lamai Beach. Beautiful cliffs rise on its shore, and constant waves attract surfing fans here.

Both beaches are popular with young people and fun lovers. For a quiet and secluded holiday, the southern and western coasts, especially Laem Set beach, are more suitable. There is a gentle entrance to the water, convenient for parents with children. And the coconut palms and picturesque boulders on the shore make it pleasant to walk. Despite the small size of the island, there are many interesting things on it. The main attraction of Samui is the Big Buddha Temple. The 12-meter high gilded statue in the “lotus” position installed in it is the first thing that tourists see when flying up to the island. Another popular spot is the Garden of Miracles in the mountains. There are unusual statues of people and mythical animals, and pleasant and mysterious music creates an atmosphere of a fairy tale. This amazing place was built alone by a 70-year-old resident of the island, Nim Tongsuk. Animal lovers will visit the island’s famous butterfly garden, tiger zoo, snake and crocodile farms. The local monkey theater is very popular, where they dance and even play the guitars.

These animals are held in great esteem on the island, since since ancient times they helped a farmer in Koh Samui to collect coconuts. The underwater world off the coast of the island is rich and varied: fans of diving will find all kinds of coral reefs and colorful tropical fish. The rest of the tourists will get to know the marine life in the local aquarium or take an excursion on a special yacht with a transparent bottom. Hundreds of leisure activities are available on the island: paintball in the local jungle, ATV safaris, Thai massage courses and national cuisine. For those wishing to improve their health, yoga classes are held, spas and mud baths are open. As for accommodation, the island has options for every taste and budget.

Those who value comfort and good service will stay in luxury five-star hotels. Romantics and lovers of silence can rent a real bungalow with a thatched roof. But whatever accommodation tourists choose, they will certainly be in for comfort and a pleasant stay.

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