Egyptian resort Dahab

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Dahab is an Egyptian resort town lying on the eastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula. It is known primarily as a place of pilgrimage for fans of windsurfing and diving. Its name is translated from Arabic as “gold”, which is probably associated with the soft golden sand, which is covered with local beaches. Along the entire coast of the resort there are various cottages and small cozy hotels.

Dahab is also famous for its excellent fish cuisine and very reasonable prices. The resort is conventionally divided into two parts. In the tourist area of ​​Dahab there are hotels, as well as diving and windsurfing centers. In another part is the Assala village, which is inhabited by Bedouins. Here you can rent inexpensive accommodation and taste local cuisine.

Dahab is ideal for tourists with small children. The resort has many playgrounds and children’s clubs, experienced animators and educators, fun activities and fun performances.

In addition, the entrance to the water at the resort is shallow, so kids can safely splash in the shallow water. And at low tide, amazing finds await them: on the shore you can find all kinds of shells of mollusks, hermit crabs, starfish and other underwater inhabitants.
There are many great places to windsurf in the world, but experts agree on one thing: Dahab is best suited for beginners.

The Dahab lagoon is separated from the Gulf of Aqaba by a long sand spit, so whatever the wind, the sea in the lagoon always remains calm. Also, the scythe does not allow athletes to accidentally go out into the open sea.

The beach near the Dahab Lagoon is about one kilometer long. Adjacent to it are many hotels ranging from three to five stars, and almost each has its own surf center, where tourists can rent equipment or receive training from an experienced instructor. Dahab is very popular with divers from all over the world.

The famous “Blue Hole” diving site, which has a depth of 80 meters, is located seven kilometers from the resort. Despite the beautiful underwater landscape and deceptive ease of passage, it must be remembered that this place is considered extremely dangerous and not suitable for beginners. There are several diving centers in Dahab where you can learn the basics of scuba diving, rent equipment or go on an excursion to the most interesting diving sites. Among the centers there is one that focuses on divers from Russia.

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